Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Classes began on Monday, and it's been so unpleasant trying to figure out my schedule. It's extremely complicated to use the school's website, and I'm constantly frustrated by the online system here.

Example: in order for me to view the information about a class, I look it up through the department. Which is fine, but I'm taking classes between departments and there is no master list of available classes.
Classes for the entire year, as well as classes which have been phased out by the university, as well as classes which are simply not offered, are all listed on the website. Together. And it's up to me to figure out which are offered during my semester and which I can take.
Once I find a class I need to look up the class number, and make sure that it doesn't conflict with other classes I'm taking as far as my timetable. Then I need to make sure that I'll still be in this country when the exam is offered. But all of this information is found on different webpages, which I have a lot of difficulty sorting through.

I never thought I'd say that Solar is really a blessing????

Thank God for my coordinator who zips between web pages with ease. I guess years of familiarity with the system helps.

Aside from troubles with the internet, things are fantastic. Today I left a great class (translation of specialized texts) and walked around the area. I sat down and ate a great lunch...I was speaking Spanish to the waiter and he couldn't understand me. I'm just counting on the fact that my spanish is probably so fantastic that it's complexity overwhelmed him. Not.

Tomorrow I have to wake up irrationally early to get to class on time (I missed the bus this morning and when the next one arrived, 45 minutes later, it caused me to arrive to a class half an hour late...I was too embarrassed to go inside. So I have to get to school on time!)

Here are some photos from a walk that we took during the first week. It was a "bonding activity" scavenger hunt. Our group got pretty seriously lost, did the whole thing out of order, and just took a ton of pictures and sang bad american pop songs.

below is a picture of the highest point on the island. No one could tell me why there was a giant ball there, but it makes it easy to identify I guess...
p.s. I apologize for the spelling/grammar mistakes in the last post. I obviously should read these over more carefully before I publish them.

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