Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today when meeting with my coordinator I found out that a fellow Stony Brook student and I are the only Americans in our program. All of the sudden everything made sense-we thought we were here in a program called ERASMUS, which is specific to European students. So of course this made very little sense, and we were wondering why everyone around us spoke only French and German, or perhaps Hungarian. And then we find out that we don't really belong to the program! That we are Americans, so our credit system and matriculation are completely different, and that Stony Brook is trying something new which will be similar to the arrangements of European schools. So now I feel like a test subject, and am attempting to fill out a learning agreement which is typically used by EU students, hoping that I can meet some requirements and that some credits transfer. Wish me luck? Can classes really be valued at 12 credits?

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