Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Today, February 14th, happily goes relatively unrecognized by the Canarian people. A few people in my classes wore red, but this could have been purely incidental, and no one was carrying around flowers or teddy bears or other signs of this holiday which was a big deal last year, living in a suite at Stony Brook filled with girls.
I'm writing to catch up on this weekend. I've found a solution to living tragically far away, which is to crash at a friends apartment after going out in the evenings. Hopefully no one felt taken advantage of, because after coming home at 6 am (which is completely normal here...the club was still packed when we do people do that?) I woke up comfortably in an apartment happily knowing that I hadn't spent enormous amounts on a taxi only to have to commute back the next day. Our group went out for breakfast and then immediately to Las Canteras, the beach of preference here. The only way the day could have been better is if I had avoided my now painful sunburn.
And today during class I reminisced about my perfect weekend (sans sunburn) and while being assigned a 15 page paper I reminded myself that I could still manage to keep a day free to lay on the beach with the best of the locals and do absolutely nothing.

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